Ultrasound Simulator Package

Adam Cubitt demonstrates the Ultrasound Simulator Package

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This addition to the core anatomical model introduces the facility for real time TOE image simulation from the 3D virtual heart. The on-screen introduction of a virtual TOE probe generates simulated ultrasound images that are derived directly and continuously from the 3D model.

The TOE probe position is controlled by keyboard and mouse, with the standard flexion, rotation and angulation capabilities of a multiplane probe controlled by screen icons representing the familiar echo probe controls. The 3D model can be set to display the 'cut surface' at the level of the TOE ultrasound plane to further clarify the plane orientation.

Selection of a labelled structure in the 3D model will be accompanied by highlighting of that structure in the simulated TOE image and vice versa, so that the user can easily identify any intracardiac region. As with the core anatomy package, the arrangement of windows displaying the heart, the TOE image and descriptive text may be adjusted by the user. This mode allows students of TOE to visualise clearly the relationship between the 2D TOE image represented on the screen and the underlying 3D anatomy of the heart. The recent addition of a measurement tool allows analysis of distance and area in the ultrasound image, further enhancing functionality of the system.